Finder Pro K12

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The versatile all-round padel racket, developed for maximum fun and satisfaction.

Lightweight and easy to handle thanks to its low balance.

Beyond boundaries.

The carbon fiber present in this exclusive line is used in the most extreme conditions of the aerospace industry.
With it we have created a formula capable of offering maximum power and lightness for maximum level performance.

Solidity and Comfort

Our racket integrates cutting-edge technologies to offer exceptional performance. The soft EVA core provides lightness and control, while the carbon fiber frame ensures durability and resistance.

Fluidity and Precision

The aerodynamic design of the racket reduces air resistance, allowing for faster and more precise movements.

Reduced vibrations, Greater grip

The ergonomic handle offers a comfortable and secure grip, minimizing the risk of slipping during play.

Balance and Speed

The balanced weight of the racket offers an ideal balance between power and control. You will be able to vary your shots easily, adapting them to different game situations.


Shape TEAR

Weight 350-355 gr.


Balance 250-260 mm.

Frame 100% CARBON

Fibre 12K CARBON